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We Want What Is Best For Your Child

At the Law Office of Edward Fradkin, LLC, we are committed to resolving child custody disputes efficiently, reasonably and with the best interest of your child in mind. Our founder and lead attorney Edward Fradkin works closely with each client to best understand their unique family situation and tailor a legal strategy customized to meet their individual needs. As with any case involving children, we are committed to protecting both your child’s rights and your rights as a parent.

While the legal processes in New Jersey surrounding child custody and child support laws may seem confusing, you can rest assured that with our firm, both you and your child’s rights and interests will be protected each step of the way.

Compassionate, Comprehensive Child Custody Representation

At our Freehold firm, we realize child custody disputes can be some of the most delicate family law issues. Emotions may be running high during negotiations. Our compassionate attorney can serve as your agent, negotiating calmly with the other side while also taking an aggressive stance to achieve your individual goals.

With over 20 years of experience handling custody and support cases, our firm’s founder and lead attorney Edward Fradkin has the knowledge and resources necessary to protect your rights and guard your interests during custody and support negotiations. Further, while it is our aim to settle these kinds of disputes outside of court, if necessary, our team will always be ready to pursue your interests through litigation.

Finding The Right Resolution For Your Child

At the Law Office of Edward Fradkin, LLC, we recognize that child custody and support cases are some of the most important and sensitive cases that we handle. As such, we are committed to working closely alongside you for the entire duration of the negotiations and finding a resolution that is in the best interest of your child.

To help ensure that the rights of both yourself and your child are fully protected, contact us through our online contact form or call us at 732-702-0612.