Children can thrive when divorced parents work together

On Behalf of | May 24, 2020 | Child Custody |

Some adults assume that children of divorced parents are going to have many issues just because their parents split up. While this is what was believed in the past, it is now known that kids who have divorced parents can adjust well and thrive even though they live between two homes. The main priority in these cases is that the child needs to have a meaningful relationship with each parent. 

One factor that has a negative impact on the children is a conflict between the parents. It’s unrealistic to think that you and your ex will always agree on matters related to the kids, but how you handle those disagreements can make a difference in how the children fare. 

Parents should make sure they’re only dealing with each other about contentious matters. These discussions might become heated and shouldn’t happen in front of the kids. The children shouldn’t ever be used as messengers for any reason. When they try to relay messages, the information might be misconstrued, which can make matters even worse. 

You can also work with your child to make sure they understand that you want them to have a meaningful relationship with their other parent. Some children are concerned that one parent might be upset if they enjoy their time with the other one. Reassuring them and letting them see that you don’t mind can help them tremendously. 

Your child custody arrangements start with the parenting plan that you and your ex work out. It must be set up to meet the current needs of the children. As they mature, you can always modify the agreement to meet those new needs.