Can your ex quit their job to avoid paying child support?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Child Support |

Some parents resent the financial obligation to pay child support after a divorce. They might try challenging the amount ordered in the hope of paying as little as possible. Some people go even further by trying to change their life in order to reduce their child support obligations.

Trying to avoid child support might involve leaving a job with a salary for a job with lower wages on paper but gratuities that make up the difference. Some people will even start working as part of the underground economy without tax withholdings so that they can avoid child support withholdings. Can your ex just quit their job to get out of paying support for your kids?

Child support balances continue to accrue even if someone loses their job

The obligations a parent has to their children don’t magically disappear when they go through financial hardship. As the parent with more custody of time, you have no choice but to make sure that there is a roof over the children’s heads and that they have all the supplies they need for school and other necessary activities no matter what happens.

Your ex also has obligations that persist regardless of their financial circumstances. While the courts may reduce how much someone has to pay while they don’t have a job, they cannot completely eliminate their obligation to your children.

If your ex is willing to go so far as to quit their job or start working under the table to avoid paying child support, you may need help getting the courts to enforce your order and ensure that your ex will fulfill their obligations to your children.