Signs that your spouse is unhappy and may file for divorce

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When your marriage began, you were both happy. It wasn’t something you even had to think about. You just knew it.

Lately, though, you’re not so sure. If you end up getting divorced, you know that it’s helpful to plan in advance. You want to know if your partner is unhappy and planning to end things. But what signs should you look for?

All marriages are unique

First and foremost, all marriages are unique, and you need to consider your own carefully. For some people, a spouse who doesn’t talk much means nothing because their spouse has always been quiet and reserved.

For others, it’s a giant red flag. They are used to their spouse being chatty and bubbly all the time, so seeing them act withdrawn and quiet means something is wrong. With that in mind, consider these potential red flags:

  • Time together is a thing of the past. You both spend time alone or with friends.
  • There are major changes to your spouse’s appearance, either for the better (they’re thinking about dating again) or the worse (they don’t care anymore).
  • When other couples seem happy, your spouse appears uncomfortable.
  • You don’t have any mutual interests or do anything for fun with each other.
  • Everything you talk about turns into an argument.
  • Communication breaks down and you cannot talk about the things that are bothering you.
  • When asked about plans for the future, your spouse is incredibly noncommittal.

If you end up getting divorced, you need to know precisely what legal steps to take to protect your interests.