3 effects of divorce you may not have considered

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When your marriage turns sours, you may begin to dream of the day you finalize your divorce. Ending a malfunctioning relationship is a chance to start over and live life on your terms. Yet, it can bring its own set of problems which you may not have considered. By being aware of them, you can prepare for them and minimize their impact.

Divorce will affect your finances

You are almost certainly going to have less money once you divorce. Not only will you be splitting the joint assets you have, but you will also spend money on the divorce proceedings themselves. Then there are costs of setting up your new life, such as fitting out your new home or buying another car. Paying the mortgage or rent will also come exclusively from your pocket only from now on. Even cooking for one works out more expensive than cooking for two.

Your social life may not be the same after divorce

Sometimes it takes a major event such as divorce to discover who your real friends are. Do not be surprised if some people stop sending you invitations to social gatherings because they feel you no longer fit in. It can also be problematic for joint friends and family. They may feel trapped in the middle of you and your spouse.

Divorce can leave a lasting psychological impact

The change in status affects everyone. Ending a marriage is a massive life event from which it can take time to recover fully.

An attorney cannot prevent the adverse effects of divorce from occurring altogether. However, they can help you manage your divorce in an efficient manner that lessens the damage. They can also help you secure the financial settlement you need to begin this new stage of your life.