Domestic violence can take various forms

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Falsely accusing a partner of domestic violence is more common than you might think during a divorce. People think it will help them get a better divorce deal or custody of their children. If you do an image search for domestic violence, what mostly comes up are images of men with clenched fists towering over terrified women. However, domestic violence accusations can cover a much broader scope and can be filed against women too.

Here are some of the things your partner could accuse you of:

  • Sexual violence: This can take various forms, including forcing a partner to dress provocatively, making them watch pornography, touching them intimately against their will or making them perform sexual acts. Just because they did not say no does not mean they gave their consent.
  • Sexual coercion: Pressuring someone into sex or making them feel bad for refusing could land you in trouble.
  • Reproductive coercion: A man can get a woman pregnant against her will by refusing to use protection or interfering with her birth control. Alternatively, he could force her to abort or cause a miscarriage through violence.
  • Physical violence: People have given themselves a black eye on purpose before. Remember, some physical abuse does not leave marks.
  • Financial abuse: One partner attempts to control the other by controlling the money. It can include forbidding them to work, taking their paycheck, refusing them access to joint bank accounts or over-controlling their spending.
  • Digital abuse: This includes demanding a partner’s passwords, monitoring their social media, checking their phone contacts or photos, or tracking their whereabouts via a smartwatch.

If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, seek legal help to understand your options and defend your reputation.