If your situation changes, you can ask for a custody modification

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When the New Jersey courts originally create custody and support orders in your divorce proceedings, they do their best to customize the details of their solution to your family’s unique needs. Even if their solution works ideally for your family for a few months or even a couple of years, your situation will eventually change, resulting in a need to adjust or update the custody order in your divorce.

Even the most comprehensive parenting plan may eventually require revisions, expansions or changes. Are you in a situation where you have grounds to request a modification for your custody order after a New Jersey divorce?

The New Jersey courts expect there to have been a noteworthy change

Modifications aren’t just an option when you feel dissatisfied with the custody terms. Instead, they are available as a way to make existing orders work better for your family or your current financial and work situation.

Showing that your circumstances have changed is a critical part of the process of seeking a modification. Maybe your work schedule has changed, which means you will have more free time to spend with your children. Perhaps your children’s needs have changed as they have grown older and developed more complex schedules. You may have even moved to a new place where there are now enough rooms to allow for overnight parenting time.

Depending on whether or not you and your ex agree about the need for a modification, you may be able to work together to file an uncontested modification request. If there is a lack of agreement, you still have the right to ask the courts to review your custody arrangements even if your ex doesn’t think it’s necessary.