Helping your kids survive and thrive when you get a divorce

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We all understand that some couples simply cannot remain together. Doing so would only make an already awful situation even worse for parents and their kids. Unfortunately, children may not understand how splitting a family can make things better.

It is up to parents to help their kids through a divorce, which is no small feat when you are experiencing negative emotions or battling with your spouse. We often encourage New Jersey parents to develop a checklist of simple but effective best practices to help them achieve their parenting goals. Focusing on your children during this difficult time can also help you avoid harmful pitfalls that you may later regret. 

Below, you will find an example of an effective checklist to follow.

  • Never make your children choose sides between you and their other parent
  • Always give your children privacy when they are communicating with their other parent
  • Avoid asking your kids for details of their visits with your co-parent
  • Refrain from asking your children to deliver messages to your co-parent
  • Allow your kids to express their feelings
  • Encourage your children to spend time with their other parent
  • Reinforce to your kids that you and your co-parent will always love them

Our lawyers know how difficult divorce is on the entire family. However, we also feel that it is possible to reduce the stress and anxiety that all family members typically experience. Making sure to acquire a divorce attorney committed to protecting you and your children’s best interests is one way to accomplish this goal.

You can learn more about getting divorced as a parent in Freehold, NJ, by continuing to review our website and our family law blog.