Posting on social media during a divorce

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Social media is in everyone’s pocket at all times. People are constantly updating their status, letting family, friends and acquaintances in on every aspect of their life. Although social media can bring people closer like never before, it can also create big issues in sensitive situations.

During a divorce, it’s tricky to navigate social media. When you are feeling intense emotions and your life is changing, the choices you make on social media should be taken with care. Because anyone can see what you put on social media, it can impact your life for better or for worse.

The damage

The things you feel today will dull with time. When you look back at what you posted when you were dealing with a highly emotional situation, the things you post don’t always age well. Those posts will live forever online. Even posts that you deleted can be viewed and screenshotted for others to share. Social media isn’t a void you can scream into. It can follow you into your personal life and into the courtroom.

Your spouse’s lawyers can see what you post on social media. This can become dangerous if your posts center around your divorce. It can make the divorce a lot harder for you in the long run.

The advice

Lawyers typically recommend their clients to not post on social media during a divorce. This is the best way to protect yourself during a divorce because no one can take your thoughts out of context. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law and that includes social media.

Even in mediated and amicable divorces, they can misconstrue your words online. It’s best to not share your thoughts and emotions in depth that center around your divorce. The wounds of this change are fresh, and feelings can be hurt easily. Making life easier for both parties should be the top priority.

Day to day, people don’t think much about what they post. Sometimes, social media becomes like a diary or therapy to people. Most people don’t have to worry about what they post online because they aren’t in a position where they must worry. During a divorce, it becomes a huge worry because of the they can twist your words in the courtroom. Knowing this, be thoughtful about what you post and how it can affect the outcome of your divorce.