Pro Se Assistance Services

At the Law Office of Edward Fradkin, LLC, we recognize how complex New Jersey family court must seem to someone new to it. Often, clients come to us confused about the law, unsure of which forms need to be filed, worried about meeting deadlines and generally unable to navigate the court rules. Unfortunately, not all of these potential clients are able to hire an attorney to handle a motion with the uncertainty of what the final cost will be due to multiple appearances.

Catch 22 isn't it? You need a lawyer's expertise and knowledge to draft the motion correctly to give you a chance in court, but you're afraid that any gains you may get by hiring an attorney could be offset due to the fees you have to pay. Or worse — you may actually suffer losses when all is finished. There is a solution. To learn more about our pro se divorce services continue reading and contact our respected New Jersey family law firm at 732-431-0033.

A Trusted Firm Offering A New Solution

This is why the Law Office of Edward Fradkin, LLC, offers flat fee motion and cross motion preparation services. Clients provide us with the information concerning their case, and we prepare the motion in a manner required by the court rules, including a legal brief if required or requested.

One way to think of our pro se work is as an "a la carte" service. We do not appear in court or have any communication with the court or the adversary. You pay for exactly what you want — no surprises or additional fees. Fees are based on the complexity and extent of the work that is required. Quotes will be provided at the free initial consultation.

Represent Yourself, No Court Fees

With our pro se service, you will know exactly what the costs to you will be when you sign the retainer so that you can make an educated decision on the financial viability of how to proceed with your case. For more information about our pro se service, contact our Freehold firm today at 732-431-0033.