Mediation And Arbitration

The Law Office of Edward Fradkin, LLC, is a premier New Jersey family law firm dedicated to providing sound counsel and aggressive advocacy across a broad range of family law actions. Founded by our lead attorney, Edward Fradkin, our firm handles cases involving contested and uncontested divorce, child custody disputes, post-decree modifications and enforcement, alimony claims and domestic violence defense.

From the beginning, it has been our philosophy that family law disputes are best resolved outside of court, in mediation or arbitration. By handling cases this way, the costs — both emotional and financial — to our clients are minimized considerably and the final outcomes are left to the two parties involved, not a judge unfamiliar with your family dynamic. To learn more about our divorce mediation and arbitration services, contact our Freehold firm at 732-431-0033.

The Benefits Of Mediation And Arbitration

Since its founding in 2006, our firm has been predicated on the belief that communication is essentially to a successful family law outcome. This means not only communication between attorney and client, but also effective, respectful communication between the two parties involved in the dispute. In opting to resolve your case in mediation or arbitration instead of court, an effective mediator or arbitrator can open avenues of conversation and help you arrive at the right resolution for you and your family.

Attorney Edward Fradkin has extensive experience as both mediator and arbitrator. For nearly 20 years he has assisted divorcing couples in coming to an agreement outside of court, and thus minimizing the time, cost and emotional stress of their family law action. Mr. Fradkin is known statewide for his legacy of success in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Minimize Your Hardship

Family law actions are some of the most delicate in all of New Jersey law, as they often involve loved ones, children and strong emotions. Minimize the hardship on everyone involved in your dispute and hire the respected mediator and arbitrator Edward Fradkin to resolve your case efficiently and professionally. To learn more, contact our Freehold firm today at 732-431-0033.