While divorce is never easy, a talented and experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can help simplify the process and ensure your interests are protected each step of the way. At the Law Office of Edward Fradkin, LLC, we are committed to assisting clients dissolve their marriages fairly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our lead attorney Edward Fradkin works closely with each client to tailor a legal strategy that aims at achieving their unique goals and minimizing their overall hardship.

Mr. Fradkin, in his near 20 years of practicing as a New Jersey divorce attorney, has gained statewide recognition for his professional, client-centric service and legacy of results. For a free initial consultation with our experienced and trusted firm, contact us at 732-431-0033.

Give Yourself The Advantage

In New Jersey, having a talented and experienced divorce lawyer on your side puts you at a considerable advantage throughout the complicated divorce process. Even in uncontested divorces, a divorce attorney is an invaluable resource. In addition to providing aggressive advocacy and support on your behalf, a divorce attorney can also negotiate constructively with the other side, discover hidden assets, evaluate settlement offers, calculate alimony and child support and, provide ongoing counsel and advice throughout the proceedings.

Founder and lead attorney Edward Fradkin has nearly 20 years of experience representing clients in complex divorce cases. His legacy of success has earned him a statewide reputation as client-centric, results driven attorney who is accessible and available to answer questions or address concerns. Give yourself the advantage in your divorce case and hire our trusted firm to defend your rights.

What Can We Do For You?

At our Freehold firm, we have the experience and resources necessary to provide aggressive, customized representation for clients throughout the state of New Jersey seeking to dissolve their marriage. We offer full-service legal advocacy and guidance, and can ensure your interests are guarded at each step of the complicated divorce proceeding. We believe in resolving divorce disputes fairly, professionally and in a manner which minimizes our clients' hardships. For honest, straightforward advocacy during this difficult time in your life, contact our respected New Jersey family law firm at 732-431-0033.